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Branding & communication 

Brand identity & Architecture 

Client : Upwisery  

Challenge : 

Create a brand identity and the brand architecture 


Brand Communication   | Brand Idenity- Logo 







Shrewd Wise Moves! 

Design & behavioural Think tank 

The Electrical Vehicle market was hot with the announcement from the giants like OLA electric, Heroelectric and on the another side many new startups were flooding the market with their launches.

We collated insights from the competitors and market analysis and approached design to create communication & collateral. 

Insight :


Brand  Communication Strategy 




We’re your partner in defining and articulating your brand as an entity that your customers aspire to  



Design & execution 


Our deep practice in cultural and behavioural intelligence helps  design communication & Collatrel. 


Digital marketing 



We understand analytics and creative at heart  partnering as in house team to capture R&D as content and Doing BD 


Setting tone of the brand

with insights on the marktet and the competition we created image bank that visualizes the brand as a a powerful yet functional vehicle to opt from 

we defined the audience and target regions ntn to carve out a niche segment for gravton which has its cult following. With distilled insights a campaign to conduct K2K and 

Swinging for the fences with a whiff or wisdom



The Design 

The logo was designed with giving a recall a zipper and thickness  of the milkshakes which is its speciality 

with a seeded idea to evolve it as a brand architecture in the future.

Upwisery Logo  -3.jpg



Behaviour driven Communication 

Engagement Rate
Build in Genuine Followers over the span of 6 months. 

build in Genuine Followers over the span of 6 months. 

Audience Reach
Build in Genuine Followers over the span of 6 months. 

Launch  & Accelerates preorders with K2K Campaign

"Gravton communication was curated and distributed through PR and social media handles. later a K2K was Uconceptulizatied to remove the stigma with Chinese EV's and range anxiety. acquire new customers and grow our existing account subscriptions. 

Upwisery 3.jpg
Upwisery - Standee Mockup file - 2.jpg

Disrupting mom & pop shop 

Optimizing marketing campaigns 

Designing Communication Tech product 

The marketing team’s strategy was to capture preorders using  a soft launch continued by a bang announcement. A K2K was the 

by distilling the insights we conceptualised a feat to do a K2K nonstop on a EV to break the range anxiety breaker 

Branded keywords, establishing look-alike audiences, and optimizing campaigns to increase efficiencies to drive a cost per preorder down  that matched or beat previous results.


Channel Inventory Expansion: Expanding the inventory to Discovery, Video, Smart, Performance Max, Snapchat, Quora and Verizon to garner more leads.​

Expansion of Target Audience: Expanded the target audience by exploring similar audience sets of qualified lower-funnel audiences to discover high-potential prospects. Experimenting with different age groups with creative customization like targeting teenagers.​

Creative and Placement Advantages: Identifying the best theme of creatives basis account performance and expanding this to regional creatives. Exploring different formats like Dynamic creatives.Taking first mover advantage of experimenting on Reel placements with inventory-relevant creative formats.

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Superkons packaging

Brand Identity 

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